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Nowadays we live in such world where each of us can order and buy everything.

As everyone knows, students largely are lazy and they live for pleasure. They skip classes, lectures and workshops, they drive to school. Students are afraid of missing the best years of life. They walk and get the best out of life. But when the session comes they don’t know what to grab in order to get credits, to pass course works and to pass exams for good and excellent. Such students looking for any opportunity to close sessions with minimal torments. In such cases, they search for people who will do the work instead of them. They use parent’s money or their own funds earned in some way.

Type of University and place of residence don’t play the role. A number of clients of prestigious Universities are equal to a number of clients from provincial or private not popular Universities. Full-time students usually order single works, correspondence students buy a full set of necessary works.

Probably you are interested in such question – who write such works for money?! People who want to get extra income write such students works for money. These are many categories – moms of Maternity, excellent students, temporarily unemployed people who are in search of work and even teachers.

For most people outside major cities writing students works for money is almost the one opportunity to get good money for intellectual work.

It’s very easy to become an author of writing students works for money. Firstly you register on the site, then you get a password from your personal account and then you can work.

There is no clear opinion about the moral side of writing student’s works for money. Even authors themselves have different views about this matter.

Students have different reasons for appellation for students works for money. Sometimes and maybe often the reason isn’t just laziness and neglected study, but there may be many more reasons.

Let’s consider such reasons

Some students can’t express their thoughts in writing. Some students can’t work with text uniqueness. Other students entered Universities only to get “diploma”. Others lost interest in learning. Other students have different difficulties in their lives. And others just aren’t sure in themselves and are afraid of their teachers. And all of them buy works for their study.

As for me I also don’t have concrete opinion about this question. Maybe some of you can consider that it’s too bad and have a negative influence on the educational level. But there are different situations when this type of business can save each of us. So I kindly ask you not to be so categorical with respect to writing students works for money. I suppose that everything should be within reasonable limits. Students who really want to get good knowledge get them instead of if they sometimes ask for student’s work for money. We have too many disciplines in our Universities that sometimes we just haven’t enough time to complete all tasks by ourselves and we just need for some help. And I’m sure that if we have such an opportunity to get any help we can use it. And it doesn’t prevent us from becoming a good specialist in our field. I stand for a reasonable approach to everything.

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